As the clocks go forward we close the book on another season of dusk shots.

I love dusk shots, but now with the golden hour (or around 10 minutes in reality) now pushed back to around 7:30pm its not really practical as people have families to feed, guests to entertain and other things to be getting on with. So I thought I’d look back at a few of my favourites from this season:

This one from marketing material for a riverside penthouse taken in September 2011:


In this one from the same shoot, I love the light trails and flashes of the departing helicopter:


This one was taken for a large property here in Norfolk, again water and twinkly lights are an irresistible combination producing a memorable shot on an otherwise dull November day:


And of course, we can use the falling light outside to dramatic effect inside too, this one taken at a fantastic property in Porthcawl, south Wales in January:


And finally, the last of the season, and proving it can work without water was taken a couple of weeks ago for marketing a penthouse apartment in Sunningdale: